Academy Lms is a free online learning marketplace where students can learn from the comfort of their own home. A teacher creates courses and video lessons according to expertise, while still being able to interact with other real-life peers in an environment that fosters knowledge sharing through social media integration into chats rooms or forums designated just for discussions on topics related specifically at what you’re looking forward too! Start today by installing ACADEMY Minecraft Business Edition

Academy LMS provides all participants access not only as competitors but also potential new friends who might offer advice about certain problems faced during gameplay which would otherwise be ignored due lack time constraints when working alone On average each user gains around five hours per week thanks solely because Academy makes everything easier.

Academy PHP Scripts Features

  • Intuitive course builder

    Extremely easy course building interface with an advanced lesson & section manager.

  • Quiz test

    One-click quiz creator with endless questions and multiple possible answers.

  • Multiple lesson file types

    Lessons can be build up from youtube, html5 video, Vimeo, text, pdf, doc image files.

  • Public instructor

    Publicly instructors can signup and sell courses. Admin will pay Their selling revenue commission.

  • Messaging course students

    Instructors and students can communicate and resolve any issue with interactive messaging.

  • Payment report

    Detailed payment report for course selling revenue and instructor commission payment.

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